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Ok, so I realize I'm a day late on posting; however, I think it was worth it. A line of thunderstorms came through this evening launching lightning in just about every direction. I saw this one happen; however, heard the shutter click (was locked to constantly reshoot) midway through this bolt. I was hoping for the best but afterwards realized that the event had gotten split between two frames. Not a problem and the two were photoshopped back together again. One lesson learned tonight. Alabama doesn't get the same intense lightning as seen in the midwest. In the midwest, f/8 is pretty much a given; however, this lightning shot should have been shot somewhere around f/5-6. It could have also been that there was HEAVY rain all around. Maybe less rain means I could go back to default f/8 *shrug*. If you have any ideas or comments, post up. See link in bottom-right corner of this picture. ()
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