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A popular product look used on the 'net today is the reflection. A prime example would be the iPhone and other products on Apple's website. While pretty simple to create in Photoshop, I wanted to do it "in camera". The setup is pretty simple. The first flash is setup on camera left bare. The second flash is pointed at a white backdrop (behind the product). The product itself is sitting on a piece of Plexiglas with white paper underneath (which comes off that same roll of paper that is making the backdrop). The one bit of photoshoping here is that I failed to get all the white background to totally blow out. So, the background was replaced with solid white. While I still slipped on power/camera settings, I was able to recover very quickly in PS. Literally takes two seconds in PS with the magic wand to select the background and delete. Export to jpeg and you have yourself a nice little product shot. ()
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