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I had a few new camera goodies come in this week. First, my replacement for the peanut slave "digital" arrived. And thankfully, it worked! This is big because the standard peanut slave seems to collect all the IR from Canon's flashing units which causes my slave flash to fire too soon. The digital peanut slave did the trick and is firing as expected. The second item to arrive was a roll of HP bright white 36"x150' paper. I plan to use this as a nice backdrop for product shots. Finally, I got a new La Crosse AA battery charger. It does lots of neat things with adjustable recharge rates, discharge mode, test mode, and re-cycle mode. It was able to get some older AA batteries back up enough to run the Vivitar 285 for at least 50 shots. With all the new toys but only an hour or so to play, I was able to squeeze off this fun shot. Nothing special other than my ability to work with my new tools. Next week, my Pocket Wizards should arrive along with a series of custom cables. I am very much looking forward to this as this will terminate all my flash triggering woes. ()
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